A holistic B2B SaaS framework to grow healthily and execute quickly

Proven in the last 10 years in Europe, US and LatAm with Founders, CEOs and their Leadership Teams of Sales, Customer Success and Demand Generation.

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Optimize Go-To-Market fit and go as much upmarket as you can.

The framework focuses on execution from day 1, through an agile combination of Training & Coaching, Strategic Advisory, Consulting and Revenue Leadership “on the court” for key business decisions and hires.

Old Reality

  • Revenue Growth
  • Bottleneck or Maradona CEO (read article)
  • Going everywhere with B2C mindset
  • Focus on the Process
  • Silos (Sales – MKTG – Customer Success)

New Reality

  • Efficiency before growth
  • I’ll help you set up the right GTM Fundamentals
  • Focus on strategic outbound and bigger Accounts
  • Focus on 4 Pillars – Process is just one
  • Revenue engine – One Team

The threat to scalability is not executing on time

High ROI delivered without reinventing the wheel on Sales and Customer Success scaling best practices.

Typical cases (one or more may apply):

  • Raw Playbook – every deal is different
  • Value prop and Outbound struggling on bigger deals
  • Biggest mistake – the VP Sales

SaaS is a game for those who have done it before

I’ll push you to become a world-class professional organization, put in place scalable go-to-market fundamentals and build revenue predictability.


Pillars and Most Wanted Outcomes

I do Growth Regeneration as a Service with a proven game plan to get you back on track with growth and increased ARPA



  • Funnel and Process Optimization:
    • Have you got a Playbook for your Sales, Customer Success and Demand Generation engines, meaning a document and most importantly the relative “behaviour in execution”?
    • Are your funnel and its KPIs consistent and granular enough for the current stage of the business?
    • Do you build revenue models based on funnel simulations vs recruiting needs or just headcounts?
  • Tech Stack Optimization:
    • Tech is fundamental in modern SaaS. You don’t need everything at once. Do you have the appropriate Sales, Customer Success and Demand Gen tech stack?

People & Organization

  • Right plan. Have you got an organizational plan for the next 12-24 months phased in line with the revenue growth ambitions of the next three years?
  • Right people. Did you set the appropriate profiles as far as functions, leaders and individual contributors are concerned?
  • Right targets. Do you have sales quotas and bonus schemes per AEs that makes sense? How do you measure the performance of Customer Success and Demand Generation?
  • As far as the current team is concerned, are you clear about who fits and who doesn’t for the next phase of revenue evolution?
  • Have you got the appropriate know-how internally to filter the right Leadership profiles, negotiate, onboard and ramp them up?
  • What is the actual plus opportunity cost to make the wrong choices? What is the cost of wasting the time if you do not have the appropriate experience internally?

Planning & Real Time Execution

  • A key part of the framework is the operational coaching on how to build and execute a funnel & conversion-based revenue budget & forecast model.
  • The build-up of a world-class SaaS revenue engine is not an overnight trip. The correct execution of the framework requires a combination of regular strategy sessions, implementation of new processes, technology and evolved pitch approaches as well as hands-on regular activities such as team training and coaching sessions, pipeline review and sitting in real client meetings for coaching purposes.

“Trust me, setting things up right from the beginning will avoid a ton of tears and heartache…”

Kobe Bryant