By now you should know any business is SaaS business. If not it means you don’t realize it yet.


Coaching leaders how to think and manage like a SaaS business

Helping Boards and CEOs build SaaS-like Customer Centric organizations through a proven Framework and Senior Partners with extensive experience in Fortune 500 and VC-backed SaaS companies.

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Old Reality

  • Everything as a property
  • Competing on Product and Marketing
  • 100% transactional
  • Measuring things like in the 19th century
  • The Customer at the bottom of your Supply Chain

New Reality

  • Everything as a Service
  • Competing on Experience, after the sale
  • 100% SaaSification
  • New KPI’s and new ways of measuring
  • Customer at the center
Luigi Mallardo

You will get the strategy and inspiration, the operational coaching, the transfer of best practices and help on execution that are needed to adopt SaaS-like models and make things happen.

Your vocabulary will change for the next 10 years.


The Age of the Customer

You do not sell a Product, you sell an Experience and are obsessed with measuring it.



The future is selling access to things. People want the ride, not the car. The guarantee of fresh cold food, not the refrigerator.


Be Conversational

As people are empowered, your company must have an authentic conversation and a bigger reason to exist. A strong foundational WHY.

SaaS Up your Pricing

Everything is becoming bundled. This is the model of the future – the Box, that can include physical and digital products/experiences.


Be Omnichannel

Everything is Omnichannel and the winning formats today are a mix of content and digital merged with the physical world.


Change the KPI

From net sales and COGS to new KPI’s like MRR, churn, LTV and CAC. They are the metrics of the future economy.


New Go-To-Market Fundamentals

The business models of the new reality focus on acquiring more customers, increasing the value of those customers and holding on to those customers longer.

Most wanted outcomes

SaaS Up is both Operational Coaching framework and your Imperative.



  • The SaaSed-up Proposition above needs to be translated into Activation:
    • Marketing activation: your storyboards, campaigns and content will need to change accordingly.
    • New metrics: your business KPI’s and funnel will need to change.
    • You need a new tech stack and there is a lot you can learn from SaaS on how to move to the next level.

People & Organization

  • A SaaSed-up business needs to review the organizational model and organigrams to make sure you acquire more customers in the new reality and that future growth will be more dependent on holding on to your existing customers longer.
  • You will learn how key fundamentals of the SaaS framework such as the Customer Success model can transform your business for the better and build more resiliency.

Everyone wants a change. Not everyone wants to change.