DO’S and DON’TS of Scaleup Go-To-Market Strategy Definition

Revenue Leadership · Luigi Mallardo · June 2, 2020

Guidelines for a healthy go-to-market


  • ✅ Pitch your business impact
  • ✅ Get focused on Ideal Customer Profile and Verticals where you have strong business cases
  • ✅ Build world-class outbound sales machine as early as possible
  • ✅ Get obsessed with funnel, process, KPI’s and training
  • ✅ Build a scalable and aligned team through Bible and Playbook
  • ✅ Set up the appropriate systems but Sales comes first for Enterprise in mainland Europe
  • ✅ Hire sales people based on passion and deal size


  • ❌ Focus your pitch on features and low price
  • ❌ Go everywhere and against everyone
  • ❌ Let the sales people decide which Account to go after
  • ❌ Think you can improve without measuring everything
  • ❌ Hire sales executives who only worked in big corporations
  • ❌ Look only for that superstar VP Sales
  • ❌ Be Bottleneck Founders
  • ❌ Split Sales and Marketing too early
  • ❌ Be naive with Onboarding and Customer Success because they are fundamental in SaaS