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On top of the improvements driven by actual Clients deploying all or part of it, the SaaSup framework is taught regularly in a top business school in Europe to non-tech entrepreneurs and CEOs. The cooperation with the IE business school has helped to conceptualize how the SaaS models can propel Customer-Centric growth and transformation in any type of industry.

VC-backed e-commerce company, personalized books for kids

The operational coaching based on the framework helped us rethink our go-to-market approach, value proposition and pricing/packaging model. We are essentially an e-commerce transactional model but in a few months we could build the mindset of a SaaS business and subscription model. It gave us great inspiration and transfer of best practices.

Muriel Bourgeois
Muriel Bourgeois
CEO at MiCuento - Barcelona

Corporate Venture Startup, Logistics SaaS Platform

…as a result we have a perfectly matching playbook, an efficient and stable sales engine. There are clear cadences, sequences, a process that matches the funnel and CRM-software that matches the process. From funnel intake (inbound and outbound) to opportunity-conversion, we were able to step up from a decentralized “everyone-tries-around” sales set-up to having a standardized choreography and a professional backbone! Highest recommendations from team Logward :).

Jonas Krumland
CEO at Logward - Hamburg

Non-SaaS Conglomerate Group of Companies

As a group, we are in the process of transforming our full sales strategy in some of our key markets. This new SaaS approach affects the entire sales process and stakeholders’ collaborations.
During the first six months of cooperation, Luigi helped redefine our value proposition and go-to-market strategy. All while he was working with the teams to detect quick wins and implement them with the teams.

Mauricio Silber
CEO at LIFULL Connect - Barcelona

Private Equity backed Scaleup, E-Learning Enterprise SaaS Platform

In the first 6 months of cooperation I’ve been able to redefine some of our internal processes, spot issues and data that we were not considering and most importantly, I had someone listening and pouring himself into our sales challenges. I would recommend Luigi to every CEO and founder that is scaling sales in SaaS organization, and I would partner with him on strategy, processes and execution.

Stefano Bellasio
Founder at Cloud Academy - San Francisco

Bootstrap Startup, SaaS for time management in SMBs (Sold to decacorn Visma in 2022)

Thanks to the framework we built a solid and predictable revenue machine of Sales, Customer Success and Demand Generation since the very early stage of the company. More than four years of collaboration, 200+K€ MRR, negative churn, growing ARPA, & breakeven. Thanks for being always there!

Miguel Fresneda
CEO and Founder at Woffu - Barcelona

VC-backed startup, Enterprise SaaS

We raised a series A round and needed to build Sales and Customer Success from scratch. In less than 3 months working with Luigi and his framework, we had Salesforce implemented, a basic and solid Playbook and 2 new SDRs onboarded and trained for calling into large fashion enterprises across Europe and US. Our pitch and positioning also evolved to the next level to focus more on use cases and the business impact of our solutions. We worked together for 18 months and it really helped us to build the right fundamentals to scale our go-to-market engine and become increasingly autonomous.

Luis Manent
Luis Manent
CEO and Founder at Wide Eyes Technologies - Barcelona

VC-backed startup, Travel SaaS

In 3 months we hired and trained the 3 first SDRs and they became operative in less than 2 weeks. We built a solid Playbook of 20 pages and training/handover to the team was seamless and fast, We also followed the Framework to build a new Strategic Statement that drove a significant evolution to our pitch, communication and product marketing roadmap. The contribution of Luigi and his framework has been beyond expectations in terms of setting the right go-to-market strategy, sales process and Playbook but most importantly the team got help and coaching during the execution and I’ve personally learned a lot.

Rubén Sánchez
Rubén Sánchez
CEO and Founder at Beonprice - Madrid

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