Book a 45 minute Discovery & Free Advice Call

The purpose of the call is to investigate mutual opportunities.

PLEASE NOTE that the agenda for 2022 is full and I’m not taking new clients except for on demand individual sessions.

If you are a SaaS Founder looking to build, evolve or cure pains for a healthy growth. And if you are the CEO of a Non-SaaS company looking to adopt SaaS-like Customer-Centric models to propel more growth, resiliency and recurring revenue…

Then you may qualify for hands-on help to deploy the “postures” of the SaaSup framework that has helped several companies in Europe, US and LatAm build world-class and scalable revenue engines, get higher company valuations and exits.

During the call we will:

  1. Assess your current status, goals and see what is working / what is not.
  2. Identify the growth possibilities in the next 6-12 months and the 1-2 quick wins that could be reached in 3 initial months of cooperation.
  3. Understand if there is a mutual opportunity to work together and determine the next steps.

To make the meeting productive:

  • you should read thoroughly in advance Blog and Linkedin.
  • you are coachable and most importantly you are ready to put in the work and execute.