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A proven Strategic Operating System for Customer-Centric and Profitable Growth, based on SaaS go-to-market best practices.

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To accelerate growth the most valuable companies and brands are adopting SaaS-like (Software as a Service) go-to-market models, moving from Product and Brand-Centric to Customer-Centric organizations by focusing on building predictable revenue engines.

Old reality

Old reality



New reality

  • Companies running SaaS-like Customer-Centric models grow more and have the highest Enterprise Value-to-Revenue Multiples.
  • Nike choose a CEO from a SaaS company for “reprogramming” the go-to-market playbook.
  • For his succession Jeff Bezos appointed the head of Amazon SaaS business (AWS) and not the head of the Amazon store.
  • Everything is becoming as a Service and industries are moving from competing for transactions to competing on end-to-end customer experience, like the SaaS industry has been doing since day 1.
SaaS is generally associated to technology or subscriptions but it is much more than that. It is a way of thinking and managing.

The SaaSup Framework has been successfully deployed in B2B and B2C organizations in 4 main company situations

SaaSup is a Customer-Centric Strategic and Operating System for SaaS and SaaS-like Revenue Growth, with a unique and smart combination of Senior Executive & Operational Coaching, Strategic Advisory and Hands-On Deployment. It has been proven that it works well in both startups and multinational companies across different industries in Europe, US and Latin America.

B2B SaaS startups and scaleups

Build revenue engine, evolve and go upmarket
0.5 to 25+M€ in ARR

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B2B industries

Build SaaS-like predictable revenue engine
25 to 250+M€ in yearly revenue

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Work on specific go-to-market pains and gaps
On-Demand Sessions

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Consumer Brands and DTC

Build SaaS-like Customer-Centric organizations
50M+€ up to billions in revenue

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Luigi Mallardo

  • Founder SaaSup framework.
  • Revenue Leader for Growth.

CEOs and Boards chose to "SaaSup":

  • To build customer-centric organizations and predictable revenue engines with the correct postures.
  • For the focus on growth and transformation through strategy, processes and execution. 
  • For the ROI and how easy is to work with us.
  • To get higher company valuations or exits.

The Framework has been featured in top blogs, podcasts and is regularly taught at IE Business School.

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VC-backed e-commerce B2C company, books for kids

The strategic and operational coaching we received helped us rethink our go-to-market approach, value proposition and pricing/packaging model. We are essentially an e-commerce transactional model but in a few months we could build the mindset of a SaaS business and subscription model. The Framework gave us great inspiration and transfer of best practices.

Muriel Bourgeois
Muriel Bourgeois
CEO at MiCuento - Barcelona

Corporate Venture B2B SaaS Startup, Logistics

…as a result we have a perfectly matching playbook, an efficient and stable sales engine. There are clear cadences, sequences, a process that matches the funnel and CRM-software that matches the process. From funnel intake (inbound and outbound) to opportunity-conversion, we were able to step up from a decentralized “everyone-tries-around” sales set-up to having a standardized choreography and a professional backbone! Highest recommendations from team Logward :).

Jonas Krumland
CEO at Logward - Hamburg

Group of B2B Companies, Classified Media

As a group, we are in the process of transforming our full sales strategy in some of our key markets. This new SaaS approach affects the entire sales process and stakeholders’ collaborations.
During the first six months of cooperation, we redefined our value proposition and go-to-market strategy working on several workstreams  of the framework and a few quick wins were implemented immediately like the sales process and a new pitch. We were guided step by step to cascade to the wider organization, we have a big team.

Mauricio Silber
CEO at LIFULL Connect - Barcelona

B2B Scaleup, Enterprise SaaS

In the first 6 months of cooperation I’ve been able to redefine some of our internal processes, spot issues and data that we were not considering and most importantly, I had someone listening and pouring himself into our sales challenges. I would recommend Luigi to every CEO and founder that is scaling sales in SaaS organization, and I would partner with him on strategy, processes and execution.

Stefano Bellasio
CEO and Founder at Cloud Academy - San Francisco

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