All Businesses Are SaaS Business

I’m a Revenue Leader in Action and Operational Coach as a Service for B2B SaaS scaleups and B2B & B2C companies in need of recurring revenue.

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Saasification is transforming every industry on the planet

Old reality

Old reality



New reality

  • Why did Nike choose a CEO from a SaaS (Software as a Service) company?
  • Why are SaaS company valuations so high?
  • Why did Unilever Buy Dollar Shave Club for $1 Billion?
  • Why did Peloton raise $1.2 billion in an IPO?
Why do Go-To-Market Playbooks and Business Models need to be reinvented in all industries?

In the new reality all companies should go to market like a SaaS business

I regenerate revenue strategies and engines in SaaS scaleups and companies in need of recurring revenue

SaaS Up!

For Boards and CEOs of non-tech industries

I’ve done it in various industries, Consumer and B2B, and I also teach business leaders in a top European business school.

By now you should know any business is a SaaS business or it’s just that you don’t realize it yet.

Be ahead of the curve! I’ll show you how to apply the 7 Mantras and 4 Go-To-Market Pillars to SaaS up.

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I help SaaS scaleups to grow healthily

For SaaS Founders and VC

The last 10 years in several VC-backed B2B digital scaleups in London, San Francisco and Barcelona.

I’ve helped VCs, CEOs and their teams to rescue businesses, optimize Go-To-Market Fit and grow revenue-driven valuations through a proven framework.

My work is like an Osteopath: I get hands-on for (1) specific issues that need manipulation and (2) health checks to prevent issues and strengthen the framework.

I help you set the right “postures”, go upmarket and execute quickly.


Luigi Mallardo

  • Revenue Leader
  • Operational Coach for SaaS and industries in need of Recurring Revenue

Why my Clients work with me:

  • To build resiliency and revenue predictability.
  • To build scalable revenue engines with the correct postures.
  • For the operational and strategic focus.
  • CEOs acknowledge ROI of 5 to 20x.
  • For the world-class revenue leadership.

I teach, write and speak about my approach in Europe and beyond.


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